CNC machining is a manufacturing process involving the programmed CAD model is used to dictate the machining tools in order to produce products. The design and manufacturing of the mechanical parts in modern CNCs is highly automated. In CNC machining, the desired cuts and other techniques are programmed and fed into the machine which then carries out the specified tasks. Many industries are engaging the CNC machines for faster production of precise and highly efficient parts.

Modern modeling software has aided in the use of rapid prototyping techniques due to their easy interface which enables domestic as well as industrial customers to design the required geometry. The designed model defining the dimensions of the required geometry is then converted into the manufacturing directives by using CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software. The transformation of the directives into specific commands such as G and M-codes is necessary for the particular machine to produce the component


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A programmable controller receives input in G-code, the universal computing language for CNC routers. G-code drives the machine across its axis, be that 3, 4 or 5 axis routers. Not only is G-Code universally applicable to CNC routers it is the designated programming language for all X, Y, Z axis driven machines (3D printers, laser cutters, etc.). As a general rule this language consist of two major parameters coordinates (X, Y, and Z) and G commands (Also M commands, although not relevant for now). The coordinates are used as a reference to the G commands which specify what action the machine should do along the coordinates.

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High Production and Scalability:Once the design parameters and specification have been entered into a CNC machine, it consistently executes huge quantities and affords flexible scalability.

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More Capability: When used in tandem with advanced design software, CNC machines create outputs that cannot be replicated by manual machines. Even the most gifted engineers can’t do with conventional machines what advanced software can do with CNC machines. These machines can produce any size, shape or texture needed.

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Uniform Product: When you choose the advantages of CNC machines over conventional machines, your CNC outputs match exactly. Even the most talented engineers on a conventional machine will produce components that vary slightly. With CNC machines, each part is a perfect match to the prototype’s exact specifications.